While U Slept: The Big 5 Overnight Stories. Feb. 15, 2010

This is a new feature on News Launch Diary….As a Europe-based American News Site, my project will benefit from a TZA (Time Zone Advantage), which I will begin to take advantage of here by posting what I judge to be the Big 5 stories that have unfolded while U.S. readers were dreaming sweet dreams. (NOTE: My project will not primarily be a simple aggregator like this…nor focused exclusively on an American audience). You can also follow directly from the whileUslept site.

The Big 5 will be a mix of news breaking in Asia and Europe (and overnight in Western Hemisphere), as well as major exclusives in the worldwide press. I will attempt to make it as regular a habit as possible, though my other obligations — including getting the REAL! site up and running — will no doubt prevent it from being a daily feature. Apologies as well in advance for any and all overlooked stories. Most of all, this will also be a good exercise for its future editor (dat’s me!?) to focus on story selection, and even headline/twitter writing….

Taliban Snipes back

Deadly Belgian Train Crash

Hillary Clinton Hardens Iran Stance

Microsoft Reveals Mobile Upgrade

Luge Victim Feared Track, WSJ interviews father


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