While U Slept: The Big 5 Overnight Stories. Tuesday, Feb. 16, 2010

This is a new feature on News Launch Diary….As a Europe-based American News Site, my project will benefit from a Time Zone Advantage, which I will begin to take advantage of here by posting what I judge to be the Big 5 stories that have unfolded while U.S. readers were dreaming sweet dreams. (NOTE: My project will not primarily be a simple aggregator like this…nor focused exclusively on an American audience). You can also follow directly from the whileUslept site. The Big 5 will be a mix of news breaking in the daylight hours in the Eastern Hemisphere and overnight in the West, as well as major exclusives in the worldwide press. I will attempt to make it as regular a habit as possible, though my other obligations — including getting the REAL! site up and running — may prevent it from being a daily feature. Apologies as well in advance for any and all overlooked stories.

Top Taliban leader captured. A clandestine US-Pakistan raid nets key rebel chief as Afghan surge continues.

Iran Barks Back at Hillary Clinton. The Iranian foreign minister said history shows that it is the US that is run by military.

More Toyota deaths. LA Times investigation turns up more bad news for Japanese automaker

Search Suspended for Missing Hiker. Nightfall interrupts search in Washington Volcano.

Olympics: 50 Year Russian Streak ended. Chinese skaters win pairs gold, break Soviet/Russian half-century winning streak.


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