Ten Things or People Slowing Down My News Startup Launch

As I’ve described before, this would-be enterprise is not only an adventure in navigating the changing state of the news business, but the state of my own professional evolution (or lack thereof) as well. A wayward marksman and his moving target. With that in mind, momentum is key. Moving forward is not an optional. Peer News editor John Temple recently talked about that urgency of wanting to get up and running asap what you can already (more or less) envision in the very first week of operations. My target right now is just getting to that first week, and the desire to see something live is no less real. But when you’re still working mostly solo — and juggling other balls — the urgency can sometimes be hit and miss. The past week or two it’s been more miss than hit.

My big news, which would potentially be much more significant than the current slow down, is that have found a biz-tech partner who is ready to try to raise money and launch the thing with me. Yes!! There will be more on him in the coming days. For now, though, I am facing a mini brick wall. Here’s a quick rundown of the top 10 bricks in that wall…

1. Pope Benedict XVI

2. Attention Deficit Disorder

3.Howard Chua-Eoan, Time news director

4. Annie’s (designer of prototype) two young kids

5.   Overconfidence (convinced no one else is out there working on the same product)

6. Lack of Confidence (convinced no one else is out there working on the same product…for a damn good reason!)

7. My two young kids

8. Knowing that the next step is actually asking people for money

9.  Anxiety about having all my ducks lined up before starting to call (and call back) all the contacts on my list of potential funders/partners/mentors.

10. Distracted by ideas for OTHER startups (some not related at all to news business!?)



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2 responses to “Ten Things or People Slowing Down My News Startup Launch

  1. Worry about finding technical partners, execution, and the market, not what others are doing.

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